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Pulse and Connect Energy
In the late 1990’s, Pulse Energy was formed from the now defunct Ananda Power Technologies. They changed the color of their circuit breaker box to match the Trace line of inverters. Pulse as a company did not last long however. A short time later, Connect Energy was formed from the ashes of Pulse. The products of all three companies are essentially the same, (good stuff). It all stemmed from Ananda Power Technologies designs of the 1990’s. Building a sound profitable company in this industry is difficult.

Pulse PC250

Connect Energy PC500

Heliotrope Solpan 30
While I was working on the DC250, Heliotrope came out with their SOLPAN system. It was very similar to the Ananda box but eliminated most of the DC load circuits. The Solpan was meant to be a lower cost alternative to the Ananda power Center. A basic Solpan system with inverter breaker and charge controller could be purchased for as little as $600. Heliotrope was very well known for their PWM charge controllers at a time when Trace Engineering was still making relay based controllers and Ananda used Mercury displacement relays. Heliotrope was years ahead of everyone else with their excellent charge controllers. The Solpan breaker box included a 60 or 120 amp charge controller as well as DC over current protection and disconnects.
The inverter breaker was an option, but a 500 amp shunt was standard. These boxes did not incorporate any AC circuitry. The Heliotrope units were ETL listed and a good value. Sam Dawson (owner of Heliotrope) was forced to close the doors of Heliotrope after a fire ravaged the factory, but I hear he is still involved in solar swimming pool equipment.
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