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Classic, Classic SL & Classic Lite Charge Controllers
Local Application Software
The "KID" charge controller
MidNite Solar MODBUS Network Specifications
DIY Inverter Modbus info
Hawke's Bay, Barcelona and Rosie updates
Cloud based monitoring for MidNite Classics
My MidNite is a free secure service which allows monitoring your Classic(s) when you are away from home.
Monitoring and control software for the Outback and Classic
We have some software that was written by an individual who is not connected with MidNite. It basically allows you to program your Outback gear and Classic as well as monitor it. The Classic Status 4 Plus Version now includes monitoring up to 5 MidNite Classic Charge Contollers and the monitoring of two Conext XW Inverters with the Conext ComBox. Web Monitoring is also now available with the Classic Status 4 Plus. Follow the link below to get the software or learn more about it.
Monitoring/Control Software

NOTE: This third party software was created using OutBack's information published as part of the AXS system.
MidNite Solar makes no guarantees as to how it works in installations!