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MAPP Price
40" x 16.5" x 12"
66 lbs. lbs
The Barcelona (MNBCLNA-PW) is the most powerful and versatile systems in its class. Ideal for large size stand alone and grid-tied renewable energy systems.
  • 200 amp 48V output
  • 100A per MPPT output
  • Includes 2 MNSPD-600 (surge protection device)
  • Operating Voltage of 185 to 585 volts
  • Dual independent tracking
  • Ideal for larger DC coupled battery based on-grid and off-grid installations
  • Talking MNGP2 display (Canbus) No other display required when coupled with MidNite inverters and other MidNite products
  • Rotary knob with push button for ease of navigating menus
  • Barcelona Breaker Box (MNBCLNA BB) protects against excessive battery voltage excursions
  • The MNGP2 graphics and programming module allows communication, monitoring and programming of all future MidNite products from a single unit.
  • Die cast aluminum enclosure
  • Optional plug in AF/GF module
  • Optional plug in Sunspec compliant Rapid Shutdown transmitter (module or string level)
  • BTS included
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs
  • Quiet fan cooled. Fans relatively easy to replace
  • Companion to the 7000 watt Rosie inverter
  • Two PV inputs track independently
  • Safety certifications: UL1741 and CE low voltage directive EN50178
  • 5 year warranty
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
Barcelona Pre-wired System - MNBCLNA-PW
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Maximum Output Current 200 amps 2 X 100 Amps, independent
PV Open Circuit Voltage VOC 600VDC
Power Conversion Efficiency 98% (Typical system)
Arc Fault and NEC 2020 Ground Fault Protection Optional plugin modules - user installed
Charging Regulation Bulk, Absorb, Float as well as Equalization
Battery Voltage Regulation Set Points 40V to 65V
Equalization Charging Adjustable voltage and duration
Battery Over Voltage Fully protected. The optional Barcelona Breaker Box (MNBCLNA BB) automatically trips PV input breaker if battery exceeds 68VDC
Battery Short Circuit Fully protected
Battery Temp Compensation Automatic when BTS is installed. Adjustable mV per degree C per 2V cell
Programmable Auxiliary 2 auxiliary outputs
Graphic Display MNGP2 - 64 x 122
Stacking cables for system networking Standard CAT5 - Canbus
Communications Canbus
Remote Display MNGP2 can be relocated and a second display can be added
External Monitoring Phone Application software allows local monitoring within normal blue tooth range from Barcelona.
Terminal Rating 75C
Data Logging 380 days of daily history
Positive Ground Applications Requires 2 pole input and output breakers
Operating Temperature Minimum of -40C to 50C (controller will auto derate as temperature rises above 25C)
Environmental Rating Indoor type 1
Warranty 7 Years
Weight & Dimensions 66 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 40 x 16.5 x 12 (inches)
Certifications Listed by ETL for US & Canada
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