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$455.00 13.5"L x 8"W x 3.5"D 14"L x 9"W x 4"D 5 Lbs
Price Size Shipping Weight
Same as the MNPV6-GFP15-35DC except without the 35 amp breaker

Photo shows MNPV6 chassis with 3 15amp 150volt input breakers, a single 35 amp pv disconnect breaker and a 63amp Ground Fault breaker. This box is designed to combine 3 strings of PV and feed them to a DC load that is designed to be directly driven from a PV array. Something like Water pumping, DC Pool pums or Air Conditioning for example (WARNING not an Alternating Current AC Load)

  • Type 3R environmental rating
  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Made in the USA

California Residents: Warning

Description: Gray aluminum type 3R rainproof enclosure with insulating dead front

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