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E-Panel - SMA
Price: $ 1,651.00

Master E-Panel for a 18-24KW quad Sunny Island inverter system. The quad system can be off-grid, AC coupled, battery backup grid tie or battery backup. Three Slave E-Panels and three additional Sunny Island inverters required.
This master E-Panel in a quad Sunny Island inverter system includes:
  • Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor)
  • 125amp, 120/240vac AC Output/Bypass system
  • Separate 60amp, 120/240vac AC input and output breakers for the master inverter
  • 6 Extra spaces on the face to the Right of the main battery breaker for the black bodied (MNEAC or MNEPV) CBI Din Rail breakers
  • 4 Spaces on the left side and 6 spaces on the right side of the chassis for the Panel mount 3/4 inch breakers (MNEDC)
  • 250amp battery breaker with inverter cables
  • 500amp/50mV shunt (MNSHUNT)
  • Battery negative busbar
  • AC input and Output busbars
  • Neutral and ground busbars
  • AC input and output wiring
  • Transition terminals to Slave E-Panels
  • Space provided for 6 additional 1/2" wide din rail mount AC or DC breakers and up to 12 3/4" wide panel mount breakers. All breakers are hydraulic-magnetic and rated for continuous duty.
  • Knockouts located for battery cables
  • AC conduit connections
  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Made in the USA
NOTE: A back plate is recommended for the proper wiring alignment of the Sunny Island.

California Residents: Warning

The MNE250SMA-Quad Mstr This E-Panel works with 3 of the MNE250SMA-Slave E-Panels to create a Quad stack of Sunny Islands. The MNE250SMA-Quad Mstr master includes the Quad 125amp, 120/240vac input/output bypass system. This E-Panel can be used in conjunction with a Sunny Island inverter as part of a Quad off-grid, battery backup or AC Coupled system. Terminals are provided for hookup to leg 1 + 2 in the Slave E-Panels. Comes with 250amp battery disconnect breaker and inverter cables. Pre-wired with AC input and output wiring for leg 1 (master) inverter. (Three slaves are also required for Quad system.)

Box Size: 25"L x 23"W x 14"D
Weight: 40 Lb/s