First photo: With less than one month left before drop dead day, we employed a famous local car restoration place to help out. "Top Secret" is a large restoration company that just happens to be right around the corner from our Building #4. The body guy is pulling smooshed parts of the hood out before skimming with putty.
Second photo: Alvin reupholstered the seats and assembled the door panels.
Third photo: Jade grinding a big hole in the trunk floor.
Fourth photo: Jade removing the trunk hinge brackets. I hope we can make new brackets fit? There isn’t much room left.
Fifth photo: Suspension: Looks all nice and shiny since it is all new.
Sixth photo: Barry outside the tents. We had to move the frame inside due to rain.
57 T-Bird Body 57 T-Bird Body 57 T-Bird Body 57 T-Bird Body 57 T-Bird Body 57 T-Bird Body
25 days left!!!
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